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An old style of testing that's no longer encouraged.


expect_that(object, condition, info = NULL, label = NULL)



Object to test.

Supports limited unquoting to make it easier to generate readable failures within a function or for loop. See quasi_label for more details.


a function that returns whether or not the condition is met, and if not, an error message to display.


Extra information to be included in the message. This argument is soft-deprecated and should not be used in new code. Instead see alternatives in quasi_label.


Used to customise failure messages. For expert use only.


the (internal) expectation result as an invisible list

3rd edition


This style of testing is formally deprecated as of the 3rd edition. Use a more specific expect_ function instead.

See also

fail() for an expectation that always fails.


expect_that(5 * 2, equals(10))
#> Warning: `expect_that()` was deprecated in the 3rd edition.
expect_that(sqrt(2) ^ 2, equals(2))
#> Warning: `expect_that()` was deprecated in the 3rd edition.
if (FALSE) {
expect_that(sqrt(2) ^ 2, is_identical_to(2))