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skip_if() and skip_if_not() allow you to skip tests, immediately concluding a test_that() block without executing any further expectations. This allows you to skip a test without failure, if for some reason it can't be run (e.g. it depends on the feature of a specific operating system, or it requires a specific version of a package).

See vignette("skipping") for more details.


skip(message = "Skipping")

skip_if_not(condition, message = NULL)

skip_if(condition, message = NULL)

skip_if_not_installed(pkg, minimum_version = NULL)

skip_if_offline(host = "")


skip_on_os(os, arch = NULL)




skip_if_translated(msgid = "'%s' not found")



A message describing why the test was skipped.


Boolean condition to check. skip_if_not() will skip if FALSE, skip_if() will skip if TRUE.


Name of package to check for


Minimum required version for the package


A string with a hostname to lookup


Character vector of one or more operating systems to skip on. Supported values are "windows", "mac", "linux", and "solaris".


Character vector of one or more architectures to skip on. Common values include "i386" (32 bit), "x86_64" (64 bit), and "aarch64" (M1 mac). Supplying arch makes the test stricter; i.e. both os and arch must match in order for the test to be skipped.


R message identifier used to check for translation: the default uses a message included in most translation packs. See the complete list in R-base.pot.


  • skip_if_not_installed("pkg") skips tests if package "pkg" is not installed or cannot be loaded (using requireNamespace()). Generally, you can assume that suggested packages are installed, and you do not need to check for them specifically, unless they are particularly difficult to install.

  • skip_if_offline() skips if an internet connection is not available (using curl::nslookup()) or if the test is run on CRAN. Requires the curl packages to be installed.

  • skip_if_translated("msg") skips tests if the "msg" is translated.

  • skip_on_bioc() skips on Bioconductor (using the IS_BIOC_BUILD_MACHINE env var).

  • skip_on_cran() skips on CRAN (using the NOT_CRAN env var set by devtools and friends).

  • skip_on_covr() skips when covr is running (using the R_COVR env var).

  • skip_on_ci() skips on continuous integration systems like GitHub Actions, travis, and appveyor (using the CI env var).

  • skip_on_os() skips on the specified operating system(s) ("windows", "mac", "linux", or "solaris").


if (FALSE) skip("Some Important Requirement is not available")

test_that("skip example", {
  expect_equal(1, 1L)    # this expectation runs
  expect_equal(1, 2)     # this one skipped
  expect_equal(1, 3)     # this one is also skipped
#> -- Skip: skip example ----------------------------------------------------------
#> Reason: skip